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The Tinman Foundation for the Creative Arts, in partnership with Aristocrat Unlimited, is a nonprofit organization founded in 2020. Our mission is to inspire and instill hope by fostering generational wealth, cross-cultural relationships, and better human experiences. 
Through our Act Successful workshop series, we equip inner-city teens with essential life skills and best practices for leading productive and meaningful lives. These workshops cover educational aspirations, financial literacy, conflict resolution, and neighborhood cleanup, resulting in improved grades and behavior. 
We also prioritize mental health presentations, sharing inspirational stories of survival and recovery from mental health crises. Our presentations have reached international audiences, including a keynote address at the opening of a mental health treatment facility in Liberia, Africa. By amplifying the voices of people of color in the mental health speaker space, we provide hope to underrepresented communities. Additionally, our diversity, equity, and inclusion presentations promote cultural understanding through innovative storytelling and humor. 
As part of Aristocrat Unlimited, we are recognized for our award-winning TV productions that drive social impact. We organize events to support our programs and treat those we serve as valued clients. With a United States base and an international reach, we are proud to be a certified Minority Owned Business, boasting an educated and professional staff. Since our establishment in 2015, we have consistently exceeded expectations in our commitment to transforming lives and communities through the power of faith, creativity, and social impact.


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